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Welcome To Reuben's Intergrated Internet Centre About Photo 2

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My name is Reuben, and my business caters for all computer related matters, my reason for building a Web site is due to growing need of information by my customers.welcome to my world

Come and experince our world.No more waiting long hours for service or travelling that only cost you extra money.We at Reuben's Intergated Internet Centre bring the service to you,putting your mind at ease.

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We are a true definnition of Image Perfection,from enlargang your photos to reviving old ones.We sell Picture frames at a very reasonable price.Get the family photo you always wanted by merging separate pictures.

Come and upgrade your PC or purchase/build up a new one with us, we promise u better service.We also help you with Ink catridges,whether you want to purchace a new one or refill your old one,let us make your life a little more stress free.